Sanjay Krishna

I started my academic career in India as Bio-Technologist focused on dry labs, then travelled to USA for Masters in Bioinformatics for specialization in Comp. Sci, but over the peroid of time to widen my spectrum , I turned my masters into Comp. Sci, focusing on Bio-Visualization. Fianlly I joined IVPR Research lab for Phd in Data visualisation, which shifted me into a world of data and its computation. And here I am

Software development in Data visualization framework "

Building Blocks

Phd - Data Visualization

(2010 - present)

My research works are focused on Software Engineering in Data Visualization , covering Biology Data Visualisation, Core framework, application integration and Mobile apps

MS - Computer Science

(2007 - 2010)

​Graduated as Masters in Computer Science. Courses covered Algorithm, Design of Programmimg language, Foundation of computer science, Data Visualization, Internet and Websytems, Database, Computer graphics, Aritficial intelligence, Bioinformatics, Software Design pattern

B.Tech - BioTechnology

(2002 - 2006)

Graduated as B.Tech Bio-Technolgy, course work are targeted mostly on dry lab.


My Journey to Where I Am ....

Research Assistant / Software Engineer

(2010 - present)

I joined UMass Lowell IVPR Research lab, as Phd Student, working on projects related to Weave. Initially started working on small task like feature request, bug fixing. Over the peroid started building tools like Ramachandran Plot and R-Script Editor. Later Started working on experimental research like performance bottleneck, Mobile Version, Code translator using HAXE. Currently working on WeaveAPPS, aiming towards building Weave IDE

Web application Devloper

(2010 - present)

Started working as IT Technician for UMass Lowell EEM Department , to maintian their site and office related IT works. Later based on safety inspector needs , started developing Lab Safety Inspection as part of my WeaveApp Project.


My Contribution on the way

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